Welcome to the official MailMail guide!

Get started with the basics of setting up your own email campaigns. Once you read through this guide, you will be a pro in no time. The guide is separated into different sections. Feel free to use the navbar on the right to jump to another section if you already known some of them.


Don't have an email list to start with? MagicSend magically sends your email campaigns to an audience with search phrases such as coffee in Brazil.


This is where your story begins. Send your emails to thousands of people, and set a schedule to repeat your email campaign as often as you like. You can even attach photos or documents.

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Once you have scheduled your campaign, check them out here! There are a bunch of things you can do, like pause a campaign, set it to repeat, or even change your recipient list.

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Want to send a fancy email instead of plain boring text? Try out our email template builder. Drag and drop text or images to bring your email template to the next level. Or simply choose from some of our existing templates.

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The beautiful templates you created get saved here. Did you know you can make a dynamic template so that you can customize your email for each recipient?

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This is where you keep your list of recipients, subscribers, and unsubscribers. Even a blacklist of your least favourite people whom you don't want receiving your emails.

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What kind of email doesn't allow for attachments? Upload images and documents in formats like jpeg, png, and pdf. You can even create folders to organize your attachments.

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Add a webhook to your website to grow your subscriber list. Or even better, connect to Autoscrape to look for new recipients who might be interested to receive your campaigns.

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Is there something else you want to ask but we haven't answered? Look no further than our frequently asked questions page.

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