Segment for conversion

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Remember that one dad joke that is told during a family reunion dinner or maybe that one uncle who enjoyed making cheesy puns to everyone’s disdain. That happens to be Joe. As a marketer, he would spent hours on his desk, coming up with “creative” and “funny” email campaigns. Ever wondered why your emails were littered with cringe-worthy puns. Blame Joe.

One size just doesn’t fit all in email marketing, much like puns… Well, don’t leaf us hanging! Discover the power of segmentation and how it enables you to tailor your messages, target specific customer groups and deliver personalised content that truly resonates.

Through our MailMail Lists, you can save your list of recipients, subscribers and even blacklist those whom you don’t want receiving your emails! From your list of excel sheets, input them respectively under the correct headings. In addition, set-up your web-hook lists where MailMail will automatically generate and process the appropriate emails to be sent out to the recipients using the provided information. With our MailMail Integration, web-hooks can be easily generated for your convenience at a click of a mouse.

Don’t put your effort to waste, start saving your recipient list with our MailMail Lists!

Want to learn more about our web-hook integration services? Look no further than our very own MailMail Integration to get you on the right foot of your marketing game!

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