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No replies. Joe slumped back on his desk chair and sighed. It was a marketer’s worst nightmare. He glanced up at the clock. The slow ticking of the minute hand only made his anxiety worse. Clammy hands, dripping cold sweat and shifting pupils. 7.30. He was going to have to work overtime.

Want to become more efficient and stop overtiming so often? With MailMail, discover how email marketing can boost engagement and drive conversions, allowing you to build strong customer relationships and grow your business. Create multiple email campaigns and schedule them under less than 5 minutes with our MailMail Scheduler that lets you save your time spent on sending them out! In our MailMail Scheduler, you are able to customise campaign title, sender’s name and input the information from the template that you have saved. We have functions such as “repeat campaign”, “number of days between email templates” and “campaign start date and time” to automate the process and save your time spent on drafting and scheduling email campaigns.

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In a world saturated with digital marketing channels, email remain a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. Engage your audience with eye-opening email campaigns in our article on personalise and succeed and elevate your email marketing game!