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Piling work desk, scattered emails with nowhere to go, a marketer sits at his desk. Dumbfounded. Joe has been sending out emails after emails with no response. As a marketer of 10 years, his pride was on the line. This new product was just not selling out. Meanwhile, his rival is on the rise for the new promotion of senior position. Joe gritted his teeth and sighed.

Are you like Joe? Well, look no further! Continuous improvement is key in email marketing. Learn how to test and analyse your email campaigns to gain valuable insights, optimise performance and become the king of marketing!

With our all new MailMail MagicSend, this function allows you to send email campaigns to an audience via a keyword or category name. Not only do you not need a list of emails to read your target audience, you can reach out to multiple name brands without even looking them up! Saves time and effort! Phew. Afterwards, you can head to our MailMail Campaigns to view all of your scheduled campaigns to either pause, set it to repeat or even change your recipient link.

Find out more information about MagicSend in this video.

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